My Offer

Where and how ?

  • Location: In my studio in Veyrier (exceptionally, I can come to your place or in elderly people homes / hospitals).
  • Languages: French, English, and German.
  • 80% of cost is covered by the complementary insurance, by Swiss medical insurance companies, who recognize the ASCA foundation.

Individual sessions

A good fit for a person experiencing a difficult situation, which needs to be analyzed and addressed in the framework of a therapeutic process with a professional therapist.

Follow-up and support

A person with a specific request or a creative project to realize. The therapist helps to define the goal and gives support in two ways:
1) Stimulating concentration and creativity, and stabilizing mood.
2) Establishing a work schedule, to facilitate progress and achieving a finalized, measurable goal.
The person may wish to work on her/his project alone and call for a meeting on request.

In a group

Several people develop their creative activities, using various materials and techniques. They benefit from the positive aspects of the refreshing exercise, outside day-to-day obligations and sorrows, and meet other people with similar interests.
We work in a studio, in groups of 4-6 people, 2 hours per week for 1 semester (renewable). This schedule fosters social contact, and often new projects and friendships arise.

In a work-shop

A group of people, who either know each other (e.g. work colleagues), or who get to know each other in a given context (e.g. group of elderly with a group of children, or artists), come together for an animated work-shop. The choice of materials and techniques is thoroughly planned and selected beforehand, to best fit the clients' "appetite", so that they can let go of their daily tasks and develop creativity and invention in a spontaneous, poetic way. The modus operandi is explained and guided. Certain rules of conduct are gently enforced. The finished artwork is commented in the group. The coach sheds a discreet eye on everybody's endeavor, and invites each to express her/himself - through the activity to begin with, and later in informal conversation. The goal is to offer a time window where everybody can discover a different, unknown side of her/himself, realizing an activity outside the usual book of work, together with peers.

Social Insurance

Individual sessions, 130 CHF/h, are covered up to 80% by the complementary insurance arrangements of the Swiss medical insurance companies who recognize the ASCA foundation. Please inquire with your insurance company.

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