Art Therapy ?

A creative activity usually has a healing effect.

Healing usually happens via a creative process.

Sustaining Health

We keep our body healthy by doing physical exercise; I propose to sustain your mental health by exercising a creative activity. Creativity may express itself in many different ways. The emotional and intuitive work facilitates self-discovery and improves concentration, flexibility and openness in a motivating way, involving pleasure and satisfaction. Discover your inner resources and improve your quality of life.
Creative expression has been shown to naturally calm the body, reduce blood pressure, and even release chemicals in the brain that decrease illness-related depression. Opening up through artistic expression can improve one's outlook and mood, but most importantly, it helps us to communicate our experiences of illness, trauma, grief, and loss. Art therapists are healthcare professionals who are specifically trained to work with a variety of patient populations, including those with medical illnesses. In hospital settings, art therapists work with cancer patients of all ages. Often art therapy is brought to the bedside, but in many hospitals, there are inpatient and outpatient groups available. Cancer wellness communities and cancer support groups may offer art therapy for both pediatric and adult patients. Families of the person with cancer can also benefit from therapeutic art activities to help them express feelings about their experiences as caregivers, parents, spouses, or siblings.

Life challenges

Unexpected difficulties or incidents tend to happen in our lives (family problems, school, professional and health issues, unemployment, moving house, grieving, ...) Our mind often gets overwhelmed by the constant focus on the problem. We can get so exhausted that we become anxious and weak. Our physical health can suffer from this state of mind. We feel powerless, clueless, paralyzed and can become depressed.