• An activity involving intuitive creation and imaginative conception.
  • Creative intuitive expression.
  • Provides mental balance.
  • Invites guided self-healing.
  • Stimulates creation and discovery, improves memory and stress reduction.
  • For all ages, cultures and life situations.

How does it work?

Art Therapy uses expression in various forms: writing, collage, drawing, painting, staging, sounds, ... While creating in a relaxed manner you get in touch with personal colors and shapes, words and themes, connecting to your inner being. In this process, your energy flows, increasing your vitality in a harmonious, almost poetic way.
Creations that emerge bring you a new vision of your situation, and help trigger positive change.
Note that there is no need to be gifted or experienced in art. Creativity is given to everybody and will enhance wellness.
Expressing oneself through art therapy makes our thoughts, feelings, and ideas tangible and helps us to communicate what we sometimes cannot say through words.

Who am I ?

Born in the USA to European parents, I started speaking in German and English and as we moved to Switzerland a few years later. I rapidly learned French going to the local school. I was steadily drawing and painting at home, and was lucky to have several great art teachers in the different schools I followed.
My parents were active in international humanitarian issues and sometimes travelling with them in NGO meetings, I became concerned and sensitive to the difficulties that can be encountered on a human path. As I was studying at the art college (HEAD- Haute Ecole des Beaux Arts), I started working on the side as a social worker with children and teenagers; amongst other activities, offering creative and artistic groups. I then undertook lessons in International relations, migration, sociology, psychology and it all came together for me with art therapy. In the meanwhile, I had experience working with migrants in a “Foyer pour migrants”, followed by a position in a day center for people with a psychiatric health issue, and offering art therapy in elderly people’s homes. As implied by my profession, constant further studying has added several specializations, enriching my approach to my clients. The quality of my services is ensured by my membership of ASCA, which guaranties medical recognition of the therapist and constant training and offers the possibility to be refunded by the Swiss insurances, in the area of complementary medical care.